What Should Your Driving Lessons Be Giving You?

There’s no doubt about it that driving lessons are expensive. Like all reputable driving schools, at DGN, we try to keep our prices down for our students. But, like all businesses, we also have overheads to meet. That means that learning to drive can be a big investment. So, what do you get for your money? And what should your driving lessons be doing for you?

Four Things You Should Expect from Professional Driving Lessons

Actual driving time

Your driving instructor should, of course, talk to you about the theoretical side of driving throughout your lessons. Instructing you on the legalities of road navigation. But the primary goal of driving lessons is to give you experience and skills behind the wheel. Right from day one. So, 99% of lesson time should be spent in the driving seat.

Genuine instruction

While time on the road is integral to preparing you to become a safe driver, so are instruction, feedback, and progress reports. Your instructor should keep a record of your progress, so they know where to pick up at the beginning of each lesson. And provide clear feedback on your progess, so you fully understand how you are developing as a driver. They also need to give you the opportunity to feedback to them. So, if you’re uncomfortable performing a particular manoeuvre, they can give you time for additional practice.

Honesty and positivity

If you’re going to become a safe driver, you need to know where you’re going wrong. And there’s absolutely no point sugar-coating shortcomings. But equally, you don’t want to have your confidence shot to pieces. Especially in the early days of learning. So, you need to ensure that your driving instructor is open with you throughout. But is also someone who can help you find your way around your difficulties. So, right now, it’s clear that you’re not test-ready. But, you’re doing A, B, and C brilliantly. So, next time we have to focus on X, Y, and Z. And we’ll see how we go from there.


The thing with driving is that sometimes delays are inevitable. Traffic means that lessons start late. Clear roads can mean that you reach your destination earlier than expected. But you are paying for a fixed block of time. So, if your instructor is late, they need to make up the time. If you get home early, they need to help you practice manoeuvres in your neighbourhood. If you’re not getting the lesson time you’ve paid for, it’s time to seek a new instructor.

Learning to drive requires a big investment from you. There’s the significant financial investment. And then there’s the time, energy, and emotion you put into it. The first few lessons can be exhausting, especially if you’re anxious about the process. If you’re going to succeed, you need to know that your instructor is giving you value for your investment. That they are committed to giving you the best possible learning experience. And that they will do everything they can to help you learn to drive safely, at a speed that suits you.

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