DGN's Ultimate Driving Course

The Ultimate Driving Course – Automatic

The Ultimate Driving Course – Automatic

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The Ultimate Driving Course – Manual

The Ultimate Driving Course – Manual

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Here what some of our drivers say about the course

You have a chance to be the best driver you can ever be

Here’s what you get from the course…
Over 35 easy to understand videos which are updated regularly.

All videos are split into modules

Module 1: Cockpit Drill / Controls

Module 2: Moving The Vehicle

Module 3: T – Junctions

Module 4: Crossroads

Module 5: Meeting Traffic & Adequate Clearance

Module 6: Driving Uphill / Downhill

Module 7: Dual Carriageways

Module 8: Roundabouts

Module 9: Pedestrian Crossings

Module 10: Manoeuvres

Module 11: Planning & Anticipation

Module 12: Emergency Stop

Module 13: Independent Driving

Module 14: Show Me Tell Me Questions

The course covers every detail required to pass the driving test.. 

Here’s my promise to you, if you go through this course, and complete all the training, you will know how to deal with any driving situation and become more confident. 

I know this course will save you taking extra driving lessons

But here’s the best part.

The course is available for the same price as what a driving lesson would normally cost! 

Just click the button below to get the course and increase your chances of passing the driving test.

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