UK motorists feel ripped off by mechanics

UK motorists feel ripped off by mechanics

UK motorists feel ripped off by mechanics

Nearly a quarter of UK car owners feel ripped off by car mechanics according to research.

A study by online car repair marketplace firm ClickMechanic found that 23% of motorists felt ripped off by the price they were quoted when they last visited a car mechanic.

The same number of owners surveyed said the quotes they received were based on a complete guess of the amount of time the repairs to their car would take while a further 10% gave their mechanic less credit; believing the quote was based on what the mechanic felt they could get away with charging on the day.

Roughly half of people (45 percent) had no idea how much common repairs on an average household car should cost with a third of consumers feeling uncomfortable with questioning the quote they receive because they don’t know very much about car repairs or servicing.

In addition, the study found that 23% of drivers were stressed out by the whole experience of visiting a mechanic, and 25 percent feel nervous about even entering the garage.

Andrew Jervis, Co-founder and CEO of ClickMechanic, said: “Most mechanics are reliable and trustworthy, but there are a minority of cowboys taking advantage of the fact that most consumers just don’t know how much their car repairs should cost. Consumers are paying a lot of money to keep their car on the road and in times of austerity there is an obligation on the mechanic to be honest about the average price of repairs and establish a level of trust.”

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