Top Five Driving Test Day Tips

Preparing for your driving test can be stressful. If it’s your first time, you don’t really know what to expect. If you’ve done it before (don’t worry, you’re not alone. In the last year, only 45.9% of driving tests received passes), you’ll be panicking that it won’t be your last time. Everyone is different. And everyone will have their own way to prepare. But these are our top five tips for getting through your driving test day.

Driving Test Day: Our Top Five Tips

Create a good impression

Obviously, no amount of good manners can help you out if you drive really badly. But you can help yourself by creating a good impression.

  • So, be on time. This will help your nerves too. By arriving 10 minutes early, you’ve got time to pop to the loo and quietly breathe.
  • Show that you’re prepared by having your provisional driving license ready and waiting for when your examiner arrives.
  • And when they do arrive, stand up and greet your driving examiner with a smile. As well as being polite, it’ll also help you to relax a little.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Driving examiners aren’t there to catch you out. They’re not monsters, waiting to fail you. In fact, most of them want you to pass and do well. So, if you’re unsure about something, if you’ve not heard a direction clearly. Ask. You will never fail your test for asking a question pertinent to the scenario.

Don’t rush

Decision making is an integral part of driving. Do not rush crucial decisions. That’s how accidents happen. It’s easy to feel pressured when sitting your driving test. But when it comes to pulling out at junctions, for example, you need to go when YOU feel safe. So, take your time. Manoeuvre when you feel comfortable and confident that it is safe to do so.

Don’t worry about taking wrong turns

One of the most common driving test issues is forgetting or mishearing instructions. Especially on roundabouts. If you are about to make your turn and realise that you’re in the wrong lane or at the wrong exit, do not try to correct your mistake by changing lanes. Follow through, take the wrong turn, and explain to the examiner that you made a mistake and thought it safer to continue rather than correct. They’ll just reroute the rest of your journey. If, on the other hand, you do try to take the correct exit by crossing lanes, you could be making a serious fault. And that could produce a fail.

Listen to feedback

Whether you’ve passed or failed, it’s really important to listen to the feedback provided by your examiner. If you’ve passed, you still need to know where you’ve got room for improvement. If you’ve failed, then you need to know why – and how you can avoid making the same mistakes next time.

We all know that driving tests can be stressful. And there’s really nothing you can do to avoid that. But if you take your time, try to relax, and remember these tips, you’ll be in a better place when your driving test day rolls around.

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