Thinking of Learning to Drive? 9 Questions to Ask Potential Driving Instructors

Learning to drive is a big deal. And choosing the right instructor can make a serious difference to your pass potential. Not only because their instructing style really does count. But because you’re going to be spending hours in an enclosed space with this person and you want to be comfortable with them. So, before you book your driving lessons, it’s a good idea to ask a few questions.

These are the questions that we suggest.

9 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Driving Instructor

1. How long have you been teaching people to drive?

Experience isn’t a make or break issue when selecting a driving instructor, it depends on personal preference. Seasoned instructors know what works but they can be set in their ways.  And many new instructors will have a fresh approach, but inexperience can make them less relaxed, which can feed through to students. However, asking the question opens conversation and can give you an insight into the personality of the instructor.

2. What’s your teaching method?

Everyone learns in different ways. While some driving students like to take the practical approach and learn as they go, others prefer to have things explained to them in advance. And honestly, you’re only going to enjoy your lessons and get the best from them, if you can find an instructor with a compatible style. Any good instructor will understand this and be glad that you’ve asked the question.

3. What’s covered in the first lesson?

This is a good question for a number of reasons. Partly because it allows you to discover your instructor’s style. And also, because it limits expectations and can help to combat nerves. If you’re expecting to fly down the open road on your first outing, you might be disappointed. But equally, if you’re worried about what your first lesson might hold, the instructor can reassure you.

4. Can you help me with my theory test?

You can’t take your practical driving test until you have passed your theory. Most good driving instructors will provide theory test support.

5. Where will my lessons take place?

Once you’ve passed your test you obviously need to be able to drive anywhere. But familiarity can play a large part in driving test pass or failure. You need to be sure that your instructor teaches in the areas covered by your planned test centre.

6. Will I always have the same instructor?

When you’re learning to drive, it’s important to have a consolidated approach. Your instructor needs to know what skills you’ve acquired and where you need to build. If you are regularly changing instructors, it can be difficult to comfortably advance. Different instructors can also take different approaches. And this can lead to student confusion.

7. What cars do you use for lessons?

This can be important, depending on the type of licence you’re looking for. Most driving instructor companies will have provision for both automatic and manual cars. Many will allow students to use their own cars for lessons, but not all.

8. What’s your student pass rate?

Any instructor worth their salt will be happy to discuss this with you. You’re never going to find an instructor with a 100% pass rate – they just don’t exist. Nationally, the average pass rate is 46%. A good instructor will both be honest about this. And be interested enough to know their own stats.

9. Do you offer sample lessons?

Selecting your driving instructor can be difficult. And you may not know if you’ve found the right one until after your first lesson. So, before you book, it can be a good idea to find out if it’s possible for you to book a single tester lesson, rather than a full course of six or twelve. There’s nothing more miserable than paying for something that you don’t want to do. A trial lesson can help make sure that that does not happen to you.

Finding a good driving instructor is important if you want your lessons to be both worthwhile and enjoyable. So, don’t rush into booking. Feel free to take time and ask questions. A good instructor will be happy to answer them. If they’re not, you know it’s time to look elsewhere.


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