Silly Mistakes that Could Cost You Your Driving Test

One of the most frustrating things about learning to drive is that it can be the silliest things that cost you your test pass. Whether flicking your indicator switch the wrong way and not following through, or rolling to a stop at a junction, it’s the little unthinking errors that can make a good drive go south. And we all make mistakes. It’s part of human nature. The only real way you can prepare yourself is to gain a better understanding of how you might come a cropper.

7 of the Silliest Driving Test Mistakes

Failing to check your mirrors – all of them

Everyone knows that one of the first things you do at the start of your driving test is to check your mirrors. And to make sure that your examiner sees you doing it. Then to continue throughout all stages of driving. However, it’s also important to make the distinction between obvious and ostentatious. Your examiner does need to see you check your mirrors regularly, but you also need to do it safely. So, find a balance. Your instructor should be able to help you.

Poor observation

During your driving test it’s really easy to become so focused on the mechanics of what you’re doing that you forget about everything else. Including, you know, looking at what’s going on on the road in front of you… Behind you, or to the left or right.

Ignoring the speed limit

It’s amazing what goes out of your mind when you sit your driving test. Too many people fail because they’ve not noted the limit where they’re driving. And driving too slowly is as dangerous as driving too fast. While, of course, you don’t want to break the limit, unless the weather or other external variables dictate, driving just below the limit is a good idea on your test.

Steering control

Unless you are changing gears, you need to keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. You never cross your hands. And you keep to the ‘ten to two’ position. Fail to do so and you’ll fail to pass.

You can see how to steer correctly here:

Incorrect positioning

As long as you’re on the road, all is good, right? Wrong. It’s not uncommon to waver across the road when you don’t know where you’re going. But if you don’t maintain your positioning during your test you will fail. It’s not just an arbitrary rule. It’s because when you are correctly positioned you can see and be seen. You’re also staying out of other people’s driving space, which is key when trying to avoid accidents.

Poor indication

Imagine you’re following someone, and they indicate left. The road is clear, so you move to overtake. Then BAM! They’ve hit you in the side because they flipped the indicator the wrong way. If you’re in a car, you’ve probably just got whiplash and an insurance claim. If you’re a biker or a cyclist, you might be dead. This is why indication is so important. And why poor indication is an immediate fail.

Using your own car – without checking it’s fit for purpose

You CAN use your own car to sit your driving test. But You must make sure that it adheres to test standards beforehand. Around £300,000 worth of driving tests are failed every year in the UK simply because learners have turned up in unsuitable cars. Don’t add to that number!

Taking your driving test is never easy. Typically, you’re stressed out of your box before you’ve even started. So, the silly mistakes are the ones most likely to get made. You forget to return your hand to wheel because you’re holding on to the gearstick for dear life. Or, you’re so busy making a show of checking the mirrors that you don’t remember to look ahead. The only thing you can do to maximise your chances is to practise and to try to relax. Finding an expert driving instructor also helps!

If you’re in the Birmingham, Black Country or Wolverhampton areas and looking for experienced driving instructors with proven results, contact DGN today.

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