New Motorway Driving Lessons


New Motorway Driving Lessons

New Legislation:

Currently, it is illegal for learner drivers to drive on motorways until they have passed their practical driving test. A legislation has been passed by parliament which will now allow learners to take new motorway driving lessons. This will start from 4th June 2018.


Some restrictions do still apply. For safety reasons, learners will only be allowed on motorways with fully qualified driving instructors. The vehicle must be fitted with dual controls and L plates must be displayed.

Our Opinion

This move has been welcomed by many driving instructors. This is what one of our driving instructors Pin Binning at DGN Driving School had to say about this news:

“It’s brilliant that us driving instructors are now allowed to take learner drivers onto motorways. I’ve always wanted this because it will help us teach essential motorway driving skills to learner drivers. I always felt that it was unsafe to allow people who have just passed their driving test onto a motorway without any experience. I find that only a handful of people who pass their driving test, want to take extra lessons on motorways or do the voluntary pass plus scheme. Obviously, us driving instructors must ensure that our learners driving is at a very high standard before taking them onto a motorway. This move will raise the standard of driving. I will definitely be taking my learner drivers onto motorways because I am certain it will make them into better drivers and raise awareness.”

How this affects your lessons:

Learner drivers will not be asked to drive on motorways as part of the driving test, so this will not affect how the practical driving test is conducted.

More information can be found on this subject on the DVSA website here.

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