How to Feel More Positive About Your Driving Lessons

For many people, learning to drive is a really enjoyable experience. They love it. They can’t wait to get back behind the wheel after each lesson. For them, the whole experience is start to finish awesome… But not everyone feels that way. Because no matter how good at it you are, driving lessons can also be massively stressful. You’re not only taking on a new skill, but you’re doing it in what can be a dangerous environment. Cars are powerful and they can be fast. And there’s a lot of information to take onboard. This can mean that negative feelings can start creeping in. And when you’re not feeling great about driving, your progress will begin to faulter.

So, what can you do to feel more positive about learning to drive?

Four Tips to Help You Feel More Positive About learning to Drive

Be realistic

It’s not uncommon for people to expect driving to come naturally. They get in the driver’s seat, raring to go. Only to find that, actually, it’s all a bit harder than it looks. You have a lot of new skills to pick up. The rules of the road to learn. Not to mention the controls of the car. And driving in traffic can be stressful. So, if you’re find it all a bit too much, just go easy on yourself. Think realistically. And understand that learning to drive takes time.

Accept that you will have ‘bad’ lessons

If any driver tells you that they never had a bad driving lesson, they’re probably lying. There will be days when you just can’t get to grips with what your instructor is asking you to do. It might be a manoeuvre that you can’t get right. You might forget to indicate, more than once. You might even have a near-miss. It happens. Whatever the issue is, it doesn’t mean that you’re an intrinsically bad driver and will never pass your test! It means that you’ve had a bad lesson. And if you come back next time, with a clear head, you’ll have a better day. But if you let it stay with you, it’s going to overshadow everything else, and you’re going to struggle to become test ready. You might even find that you don’t want to become test ready.

Find the right driving instructor – and talk to them

Everyone is different. And every driving instructor has their own style and their own personality. If you don’t feel comfortable with your instructor, give them a few weeks to see if you start to gel. But if you don’t it might be worth finding another DVSA-approved instructor to work with. But before you do, talk to them. Tell them your concerns. You may well find that they can help.

Think of the reward

Sure, you seem to be spending a lot of money on something that is making you anxious right now. But learning to drive will give you freedom later. Impacting everything from where you work, to where you live, and how you spend your leisure time. It’s a bit like school. You have to put the effort in early to get where you want to be.

Everyone’s driving experience is different. And for some people, driving just isn’t right for them. But if you go in with the right mindset, not expecting everything to be perfect first time, and keep your eyes on the prize, with time and enough lessons, you’ll soon get to where you need to be.

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