How Do You Know You’ve Chosen the Wrong Driving Instructor?

There’s no denying that learning to drive has its moments of anxiety for everyone. There’s a lot to take in, and the potential risks can be scary. And that’s something all learners need to know. But you should never dread your driving lessons. And if you do, it could be down to your instructor. So, how do you know if you’ve chosen the wrong driving instructor for you?

Six Signs You’re Learning with the Wrong Driving Instructor

You’re not making progress

Everyone learns at different speeds. And it’s not uncommon for learners to be frustrated at the rate of their progress. But if you’ve had lots of lessons and you still don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, it may be because your instructor isn’t communicating well enough with you. They may not be showing you how to drive in a way that suits you. Or you may be learning brilliantly, but because they’re not communicating well enough, you’re just not aware of your progress. Either way, it may be worth seeking another instructor.

They shout

Aside from the fact that shouting is never a sign of professionalism in any scenario, it’s also a terrible way to help people become calm and focused. Which is what you need to be when learning to drive. Good driving instructors should be patient and learner focused. Capable of changing their teaching techniques to suit the needs of each individual student. So, if your driving instructor is shouting at you, they are failing at their job.

Your instructor doesn’t seem interested

In your driving lessons, you’re not just paying for the use of a car and your instructors time. You’re paying for them to be present. To pay attention and to guide you, pointing out mistake and wins as you go along. If your instructor is doing anything other than focusing on your driving, they are putting you and all the other drivers on the road at risk.

You’re not getting your full time

Driving lessons are almost always sold in time slots. Your instructor needs to adhere to that. If they regularly cut lessons off early or are late showing up, you’re not getting what you paid for. If your instructor isn’t willing to address this, it’s time for you to move on.

Your instructor doesn’t listen

As a driving instructor, you have a tricky balancing act. You have to ensure that your students know everything they need to do in order to drive safely. So, if a student asks to practice three-point turns, when their weakest area is parallel parking, you might be inclined to shift your lesson focus away from your learner’s wishes. However, if a student asks to practise a particular manoeuvre, it’s typically because they don’t feel comfortable doing it, even if they are technically adept. So, your instructor needs to listen to your needs.  So, of course, you keep on with the parallel parking, but you also ensure there’s time for the three-point turn. If your instructor continually fails to listen to what you want to learn, ask them why. And if they’re not willing to help boost your confidence by practicing the things you feel you need support with, you might want to find an instructor who is.

They seem anxious

Being a driving instructor isn’t for everyone. There are times when you need nerves of steel! But if you show your students that you’re anxious, it’s not going to do great things for their driving confidence. When your instructor looks stressed or anxious, it will inevitably impact you. Which can make the speed that you learn slower, and significantly dent your confidence. They may be lovely, but they may not be for you.

Having the right driving instructor is the best way to ensure that your driving lessons are an enjoyable experience. We can’t promise that they won’t carry moments of stress or frustration. Or that you’ll pass your test first time. But when you have the right instructor, both of those things become a lot more likely.

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