How Do You Know If You’re Ready to Take Your Driving Test?

Knowing when you’re ready to take your driving test isn’t always easy. Broadly speaking there are three categories of learner driver:

‘Ready? I was born ready!’ – These learners will usual fail. Often more than once. Because while confidence is good, too much confidence isn’t.

‘I’d be fine if there weren’t any other cars! I think I’ll just take a few more lessons…’ Nervous Nigels and Nellys are the drivers who start out with a slightly more than healthy respect for the road. They’re anxious, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But dread of driving is never a good foundation for passing your test.

‘I’m not sure, what do you think? I can do most things, but I’m still not sure about X, Y or Z.’ – These are the learners most likely to pass first time. Sensible and practical, they’re willing to ask advice – and listen to it.

So, how can you beat the stereotypes and ace your test first time?

5 Signs to Show You’re Ready to Take Your Driving Test

1. Your instructor thinks you’re ready

Well, duh! You hadn’t thought of that one! But really, you’d be surprised how many people think they know better than the highly experienced person who’s been teaching them. Demand for driving instructors is HIGH. They don’t need to prolong your lessons to keep getting your cash. If your instructor says that you’re not ready, it’s a good idea to listen.

2. Your mock test was a dream

The best way to reassure yourself that you’re ready to pass your driving test is to take a mock test. You can do this with your regular instructor, or you can contact a company like DGN – we’ll happily book you in for a single mock test. In fact, it’s one of the things that we do best. It not only familiarises you with your potential test route, but lets you experience some of the stress you’ll face on the real thing.

3. You feel calm and confident

Confidence in your driving ability is great. But some of the worst drivers in the world are brimming with confidence. It needs the be tempered with a calmness that keeps you in control when faced with unexpected situations. If you can get into a car and keep your head even under pressure, you’re probably ready to take your test.

4. You can cope with the unfamiliar

Driving lessons can easily become formulaic. Particularly in smaller towns. The thing is, once you’re able to drive you need to know that you can go anywhere, safely. If you can move out of your comfort zone, take a drive to somewhere completely new without losing your cool, you’re in a good place to think about taking your test.

5. Do a little self-assessment

When you’re driving, the road should be your main priority. Obviously. But after each session, think about how much involvement your instructor now has in your lessons. If they’re still advising you to apply the brake on the approach to junctions, or reminding you to indicate or ease up on your acceleration, then the chances are that you’re not ready to go it alone. If, however, they’re more relaxed and giving minimal direction, you’re probably good to go.

Regardless of how well prepared you think you are, there is no perfect formula for passing your driving test. Sometimes your nerves just get the better of you. Sometimes your mind just goes blank. But if you take your time, prepare well and look for the signs before booking your test, you’ll be ditching those L plates in no time.


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