How a Mock Driving Test Could Help You Pass First Time

Everyone has a different experience of learning to drive. But overly anxious or brimming with confidence, there’s one stage that almost all learners encounter: wanting to just get on with it. As you move towards the natural end of your driving lessons, any suggestion of taking a mock test can seem like either a money-spinner on the part of your instructor, or an unnecessary additional cause of delay and stress. And it’s an understandable viewpoint. But taking a mock test really is a good idea. Here’s why.

Why a Mock Test is a Good Idea When You’re Learning to Drive

A mock driving test is one of the best ways to work out whether you’re ready to book the real deal. It can either be carried out by your own instructor or booked with a third party. DGN frequently take one-time bookings to conduct learner’s mock tests. A genuine examiner’s Driving Test Report card is used and test conditions upheld.

So, why would you want to put yourself through that?

A chance to prepare

Your driving lessons should have armed you with everything you need to pass your driving test. But what they won’t do is let you experience the reality of a test. Even for anxious drivers, lessons will not inspire the nerves of test day. No lesson will see you cover every aspect of the test – because that’s not what lessons are for. And by the time that you’re ready to take your test, you’ll hopefully be at least reasonably relaxed with your instructor. You’ll know how they work, and you’ll be used to their mannerisms. There will be no familiarity on test day. A mock test can help you to psychologically prepare for all that. Familiarity with the scenario can remove some of the angst of the occasion too. Because if you know what to expect you know how to prepare.

A chance to identify

The most valuable part of any mock test is that it can show you where you need to improve. Some people – a very small number – will just breeze through their mock. But for most learners, this is a chance to identify areas of weakness. This could be anything from classic manoeuvres, like parallel parking, to the ability to focus under pressure. And lack of focus has failed many first timers. Failing a mock test is as valuable an experience as passing because it shows you what you need to do to finally ditch those L plates.

A chance to assess

Failing your driving test isn’t the end of the world, but it can knock your confidence. And at £62+ a pop, it’s not an experience that you want to repeat on a regular basis. A mock test gives you the chance to assess whether or not you really are ready, at less than half the price. It can take the trauma out of your real test experience, and it can save you cash by making you look at your skills before you leap into the test seat.

No one ever said that passing your driving test was easy. It’s not meant to be! But taking a mock can help to ease the way. So, when you think that your lessons have taught you everything you need to know, get in touch with DGN and our highly experienced instructors will put your skills to the test.

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